The banking notion of education

 The bank concept of education Research Daily news

In this article The " Banking” Notion of Education, Paulo Friere is attempting to get the simple fact across that the way that teachers teach is an ineffective technique. This financial system the place that the teachers simply feed the scholars information to memorize does not have any use in the real world. There is no conversation between one another. It makes the students seem ignorant and the teachers the entire opposite due to the fact that they have zero say in what they are learning. In this world persons must be in a position to come up with their particular ideas. They have to be able to produce, invent, improve things, although due to this banking system that students happen to be taught with, students are not given the chance to be able to become creative. That they just hold information because they were forced to learn the actual learned, however they do not know how to handle the info that they learned because it is not sensible in the real-world.

The purpose of this article is to reveal that the tactics of teaching should be changed. Learners must be educated in different techniques in order to survive in the real life. Just because you discover a lot in school does not mean it will be possible to use whatever you learned inside the real world. For this reason students should also be given the chance to think on their own instead of just staying fed details and memorizing it. In this world we are usually learning, the world is always changing and we should be able to adapt to it. The way we learn however will not give us the opportunity to learn how to adjust to changes. Additionally it is saying that the way the teachers educate is in in an attempt to benefit these people, in order to keep themselves in control of all of us. It causes them to be dominant above us because we rely on them in order to master.

I believe the article performed a great job of getting its way and was really affective. It made me reexamine the way Plus taught for the past 13 years of my life. Once i think about it all of us never really got much say in what all of us learned. I was just...