the last samurai

 the last samurai Essay

The last samurai

In 1876, u. s. military services captain Nathan Algren is usually traumatized simply by his contribution in a bataille f Native Americans in the Indian Wars, and has become a nasty alcoholic. Algren is approached by his former ordering officer, Colonel Bagley, on behalf of Japanese businessman omura, who wishes to use American soldiers to train the imperial Japan Army to suppress a samurai rebellion. In exchange, Japan would ratify a rewarding trade arrangement that would grant the U. S. distinctive rights to offer arms for the Japanese authorities. Although Algen despises Bagley for having bought the massacre, he accepts the job for the money and sails to The japanese. The training is interrupted if the samurai strike a train owned simply by Omura; Bagley orders the regiment to mobilize, overruling Algen's argument that the troops are not however ready. This individual orives and are also quickly killed and routed by the samurai. Alden can be caoptured and taken to the samurais town in the moutains. Although he can kept like a captive, Algen is raltively free to explore the community and interact with its inhabitabnts. He fulfills with the leader of the samurai rebellion, katsumoto Moritsugu who also wishes to obtain civilized conversations with him for the purpose of mutual understanding. Algren grows to respect the simple and disciplined lifestyle from the samurai and their families, so that as time goes, he integrates more fully using their society. learning samurai martial techniques as well as the Japanese dialect. From katsumoto, he discovers that the rebellion opposes Japnese westernization, and ther this individual bekueves the samurai happen to be acting in the best interest of Asia. Algen remains with Katsumotos sister taka and her family the lady initially disfavors him although after algen learns that he had slain her husband in combat he apologizes to her as well as the two increase closer. His stay in the village permits him to overcome his alcoholism and come to terms with the horrors of his earlier.