The Future of Ecotourism

 The Future of Ecotourism Essay

The continuing future of Ecotourism

Darsie Mason

Axia College

I chose Hawaii for the area that needs improvements on the lifestyle of the getaway. Hawaii is among the last claims to be included in the United States. Hawaii is entirely made up of island destinations. Hawaii is situated in the Pacific Ocean. The islands had been formed make up the volcanoes positioned in the ocean. The capital is usually Honolulu and it is located on the area of O'ahu. The population is just a little bit more than one million people. (Wikipedia, 2009)

I chose Hawaii islands because it is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. Hawaii provides huge amounts of people to islands due to its amazing shorelines, wildlife, and beautiful jungles. All of the individuals who come to Hawaii are seeing the amazing sites but the endangered plants and wildlife are suffering because of it. During the past 40 years travel and leisure to the place as hopped dramatically which is good for those on the destinations because with it brings jobs and money. The number of people around the islands each and every day has also jumped which has caused issues intended for the land with all the solutions that must be used to support all those people. People of the islands are seeing how this really is affecting all their homeland and are trying to find ways to find the land but nonetheless bring travel in to the island destinations. Many areas are trying to present more earth-friendly vacations but still worth the money to attend Hawaii, this is certainly being referred to as ecotourism. (Wikipedia, 2009)

The one thing in Hawaii islands that needs increasing because of the jump in tourism is the native fauna, which is turning out to be extinct inside the forest of Maui. The tourist happen to be coming to Boasts to view the plush forest tend to be walking all over the native faunas and eliminating them not knowing what they have done. If the region...

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