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The concept of Triple Trap Learning is usually explained by Frank Argyris. Wierdsma and Swieringa also take this as a fundamental concept to describe what a learning organization truly does. Hargrove as well uses this in his literature on Masterfull Coaching

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Single-Loop Learning

Single-loop learning assumes that problems and their solutions happen to be close to one another in time and space (thought they often aren't). In this kind of learning, we could primarily considering our activities. Small alterations are made to specific practices or perhaps behaviors, based upon what has or have not worked in the past. This involves doing things better without always examining or perhaps challenging our underlying philosophy and presumptions. The goal is improvements and repairs that often take the form of types of procedures or guidelines. Single-loop learning leads to making minor fixes or changes, like utilizing a thermostat to regulate temperature. Happen to be we undertaking things correct? Here's what to do—procedures or rules. -------------------------------------------------

Double-Loop Learning

Double-loop learning leads to insights about why a solution functions. In this sort of learning, were considering the actions in the framework of our operating assumptions. This is the amount of process research where persons become observers of themselves, asking, " What is going on here? What are the patterns? ” We need this insight to comprehend the design. We replace the way we all make decisions and expand understanding of each of our assumptions. Double-loop learning works together major maintenance tasks or changes, like redecorating an company function or perhaps structure. Will be we undertaking the right issues? Here's for what reason this works—insights and habits. -------------------------------------------------...