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P2-Provide a concise famous account covering the 19th, 20th and twenty first centuries, conveying the beginnings of public health in the UK and showing your knowledge of important people, reports/papers and laws and regulations. 19TH 100 years:

John Snow (1813-1858)

John Snow was the ‘Founding Father' of public health. This individual succeeded Edwin Chadwick in his role in public places health government. He is also considered one of the founders of modern epidemiology intended for his operate identifying the origin of a cholera outbreak in 1854. Snow was fascinated in the part of drinking water in the propagate of cholera and had noticed that people who had drunk drinking water by the organization were very likely to contract the illness than those who had not. Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890)

Edwin Chadwick was an English social reformer, mentioned for his work to reform the Poor Laws and improve sanitary conditions and public health. Edwin Chadwick used his position to persuade the us government to invest in public well-being ventures and Chadwick has to be credited with being Britain's premier leading in public well being reform. Money spent on enhancing public health was therefore cost effective, as it might save money in the long run. Poor Regulation Act (1834)

In 1834 the Poor Rules Amendment Action was handed by Parliament. This was built to reduce the expense of looking after the poor as it ceased money likely to poor people apart from in outstanding circumstances. � If people wanted support they had to look into a workhouse to obtain it.  The poor were given clothing and foodstuff in the workhouse in exchange for several hours of manual time each day. People were separation inside the workhouse. Individuals had to wear a form of uniform, adhere to strict rules and were on a negative diet of bread and watery soup. Conditions were made so terrible that only folks that desperately necessary help would go there. Persons like Richard Oastler (a political campaigner) wrote essays and letters to magazines describing the Poor Law Amendment Act as vicious. The 1st Public health...