Using Cinema Edutainment Principle in Educating Preposition by I-Tutor English Course Pulomas East Jakarta

 Using Movie theater Edutainment Idea in Educating Preposition by I-Tutor English Course Pulomas East Jakarta Essay



1 . Background Reason of selecting the Title

Globalization offers reduced borders among countries, cultures and communities as a result of advanced technology and communication, which may have had a particular impact on financial and interpersonal concerns that now affect the world. Furthermore, alterations are taking place at an unprecedented speed, that the world hasn't seen in days gone by, demanding pondering, knowledge and skills that are new and this must be learned if is to keep up with these kinds of changes. With such a phenomenon, even more people have arrive to realize that to do this; there exists a need to learn one more language besides their mother tongue. English as an international vocabulary has become very important to be discovered and realized by many persons. It is the only 1 way to communicate between countries, ethnic groups, different companies and organizations, communities and friends all over the world. By simply mastering British, people can easily enrich their particular knowledge and survive in this competitive atmosphere. Because of the importance of English over, now English is released earlier to children in a very early age. Children are knowledgeable about English in kindergarten and elementary school. English is very important for children especially grammar school students since they are in a fantastic period of age to learn and absorb nearly anything fast. It's the right time to introduce the knowledge about grammar such as preposition. Because sentence structure is a difficult subject or use the most difficult controlled by be educated to grammar school students, it takes a good method to bring the matter. The principles of sentence structure should be sent step by step and taught within a simple justification in order to be quickly understood by simply students. The writer usually takes " EMPLOYING CINEMA EDUTAINMENT CONCEPT IN TEACHING PREPOSITION AT I-TUTOR ENGLISH TRAINING COURSE PULOMAS EAST JAKARTA” as the chosen title since cinema edutainment concept can be described as new teaching technique...