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Their Eye Were Seeing God Subject Tracking: Voice

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Section 2Voice 1: Janie's grandmother was born during slavery. Dark people, and especially women, could not voice all their opinions. Childcare professional always wanted to make a great speech, but no one would listen. She wishes Janie to speak and have people listen closely. |" And, Janie, could be it wasn't much, nevertheless Ah performed de finest Ah kin for you. Oh raked and scraped and bought dis lil piece uh property so you more than likely have to remain in de light folks' backyard and stick yo' brain befo' various other chillum at school. ” Pg. 19| Chapter 5Voice 2: The city of Eatonville asks Janie to make a conversation, after Later on has just been elected creciente, but Paul cuts in and says that the girl doesn't find out anything about giving presentations. He will not give her the chance to speak. |" Janie made her face giggle after a short pause, nonetheless it wasn't also easy. The girl had hardly ever thought of producing a presentation, and did not know in the event she cared to make a single at all. It must have been the way Joe chatted out with no giving her a chance to say anything one method or another that required the bloom off things. ” Pg. 43| Part 6Voice several: Joe will not allow Janie to talk together with the people of the city about He Bonner's mule. Sometimes, Janie had very good stories to share, but Joe forbids it because he will not want her associating with trashy people. |" Janie loved the conversations and often she believed up good stories on the mule, yet Joe acquired forbidden her to enjoy. He don't want her talking following such trashy people. ” Pg. 53-54| Chapter 6Voice 4: Later on frequently abuse Janie. The lady learns to hold her oral cavity shut and doesn't react. |" why don't you go on and discover whut Mrs. Bogle need? Whut you waitin' on? ”Janie desired to hear the rest of the play-acting and just how it finished, but the girl got up sullenly and went inside. Whe returned to the veranda with her vristles protruding all over her and with dissatisfaction written all over her face. Pg. 70| Section 7Voice a few: As her marriage to Joe worsens,...