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Zanzibar Travel Guide

Zanzibar is a great Island characterized by its stunning beach locations, beautiful coral reefs plus the magic with the historic Stone Town. Having its ocean rayon traversed by simply traditional design dhow vessels, the panorama here is certainly one of luscious coconut palms and clove trees, spice plantations and very long, red soft sand roads. From your ancient capital to the coral reefs sand coastline, this area has charm, history, and romance surrounding this time. Located about 22 kilometers off the east coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is an archipelago including the main isle of Unguja (commonly generally known as Zanzibar), Pemba Island, famous for its deep-sea fishing, and about 50 small surrounding luxurious islands and coral reefs. Zanzibar just might be most famous onc being the home of the slave trade, and an important trading location to get spices and cloves. Cloves remain the most crucial export from the islands, when tourism has become the largest source of economy, which comes as no surprise, due to Zanzibar's amazing beauty, traditions and record. Also known as ‘Spice Island', Zanzibar evokes pictures of an exotic paradise with pristine white-colored palm-fringed seashores and tuiquoise color waters, classic style dhows, and historic Islamic damages. Today's beautiful beach areas belie the island's wonderful history of captivity, and Zanzibar combines Arabic alleyways and great traditional monuments with wonderful coral reefs and excellent diving/snorkelling opportunities intended for tourists. Natural stone Town, Zanzibar's capital, can be described as fascinating place built by simply Arab and Indian retailers in the nineteenth century in the island's coral reefs stone. A walk through the chaotic turning alleys, earlier intricately-carved wood doors and beneath ornate balconies, and with the lingering aroma of spices in the air, will take one back in its history to the times of a flourishing slave and spice sector. Decaying architecture, numerous mosques, a bathhouse and old fort, cool interior courtyards and lively markets are definitely the remaining impact of the Persians and the Omani Arabs who also established themselves as the ruling electric power here. Zanzibar remains a great irresistible attraction for those in search of a divine beach holiday or an exploration into their exotic traditions.

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Authentic guesthouses and radiant nightlife are starting to characterise northern Zanzibar, along with the enjoyable, white exotic beaches, warm turquoise seas, nautical heritage and superb diving options. A few hours' drive coming from Stone Area, past more and more rural towns, this is the heart of the island's budget travel and leisure industry.  Located with the very north tip of Zanzibar is a large sportfishing village of Nungwi, which the middle of the island's dhow-building industry. With its exceptional beach and excellent plunging and snorkelling, Nungwi has also become the busiest tourist spot on Zanzibar, having a large number of resort options available, including the very cheap to the very costly. In addition to Nungwi's own beach, there are several other less busy, but evenly delightful, seashores situated throughout the west seacoast of the island, such as Kendwa and Kidoti. The going swimming at Nungwi itself benefits from not being tide-dependent, unlike along other areas with the coast, and excellent reefs for snorkelling. This would become your slot for Dhow cruises and ocean big-game fishing. Getting away to the ‘Numgwi Strip' to seek out the quieter, more amazing beaches from the northeast layer and Kendwa, the small turtle sanctuary, as well as the terrific local coral reefs. For a more cultural encounter, head down to the shoreline to the 16th century Swahili ruins for Fukuchani and Myuleni or maybe the busy industry at Mkokotpni, or venture across the normal water to Tumbatu Island.  In addition to Nungwi's own beach, there are several various other quieter, but equally wonderful, beaches positioned down the west coast of the island, just like Kendwa and Kidoti. Zanzibar Urban/West

Zanzibar Urban/West Area is located on the island of...